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Painting progress

Here I would like to introduce the painting progress of my pastel portraits

First, I make a slight sketch with a pastel on canvas. This should have a granular or rough surface that allows the recording of several pastel pigment layers.

Then I paint large areas in several layers with pastels. In order to strike the right tone often have different chalks are used. They can then be blurred into one another with a finger or a pastel brush.

Details I draw with pastel pencils. It makes sense to buy a large supply of sharpeners, since the blades are worn by the hardness of pastel crayons very quickly. For fine details, it is essential to use very sharp pastels.

For the creation of animal portraits in size S (9.44″ x 12.59″) I usually need between 25 and 30 hours, drawings and paintings with a larger size longer. Of course, it depends on the respective portrait, for example, whether I have to draw an ornate halter on a horse or a collar of a dog.

Painting progress step by step by Katja Sauer

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