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Pencil and charcoal


Charcoal and pencils of Katja SauerThe pencil lead is made of a graphite-clay mixture. With pencils can draw very well and detaillreich and shade. For drawings of animals and animal portraits this drawing technique is therefore good. Used are different degrees of hardness. The resulting grayscale give the animal portrait vitality. By smudging and erasing can draw light and shadow and reach a depth in the image. As with all art materials also in pencil, the quality and the processing of a large role. Bad pencils are characterized by an irregular abrasion, which is the drawing of fine Tonwertverläufen very disturbing.

Charcoal and charcoal pencils

With Charcoal can be produced contrasting and striking drawings of animals and animal portraits. Natural Charcoal is especially easy since no binder blurred whereby smooth transitions and shades are possible. The wooden sticks are made of pressed charcoal powder. For detailed drawings of animals and animal portraits rather Charcoal is suitable, since it normally has a darker and more uniform wear. Charcoal is available in different degrees of hardness.


For my animal drawings and animal portraits in pencil and charcoal, I use high-quality drawing paper. For pencil drawings, you can use smoother papers, charcoal is recommended for a slightly rougher paper so the coal dust will adhere better.

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