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A comparison between animal painting and reference photo

Animal paintings and animal portraits by Katja Sauer

Hello everybody! :-)

Long planned, finally completed today:
I have created a new page in my gallery in which I’ll show you some of my animal portraits in comparison with the original reference photo.

Now, the ultimate reference photo is rather a small rarity. As a client you has finally found the (almost) perfect reference photo of “Bello” for a portrait drawing, but the collar with the dog tag or dog harness disturbs in the picture … now what?
No problem, of course I can make changes at your’s desire. It is also possible, to draw a horse Portrait with a rear-facing ear bound forward or a horse head without halter etc.

In exceptional cases, age-related clouded eyes, such as the pretty German Spaniel “Zino” can be “revitalized”. However, there are limits here.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul and therefore I change reluctantly something of the kind.
In case of “Zino” it was not an insoluble problem, since the pupil was a bit recognizable and I got more photos on which the eye color was visible.

Now, click on the link below and have fun with the comparison!

Painting in comparison to original photo

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